story of us * wedding officiant


Dear Couple,
I am delighted by the little stories, the quirks, the worlds that two people create together.
I believe that every couple has the most extraordinary love affair that ever was.
I believe that your daily routines together are actually MAGIC.
I love how deep traditions can unfold in new and bright ways.
I dig community, and I want every one of your guests to feel like they’ve been a part of something special.
I believe that anyone should be able to marry whomever they want in any way they want.
I focus on creating a series of beautiful moments that make us laugh, cry, and feel totally and utterly connected to each other.
I suspect that somewhere along the way, the wedding ceremony got lost under mountains of party details and satin and cupcakes, and I am on a MISSION to BRING IT BACK.
Cause really, the ceremony is where the next chapter of your story begins.
-Jaclynn Davis, Officiant
About Me
A certified non-denominational Minister, I live in Berkeley with my husband and three herb pots.  When not weaving your stories into special wedding ceremonies, I can be found experimenting in the kitchen, escaping to the mountains, or drinking tall mugs of coffee.

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